Introducing the Lead Renewed Personal Retreat Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Ministry Leaders Overwhelmed, Wounded, and Burning Out

Are you a dedicated ministry leader feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of exhaustion? Do you long to escape the overwhelming demands, pressures, and wounds that have taken a toll on your well-being? It's time to take charge and prioritize your own self-care because you matter.

The Lead Renewed Personal Retreat Kit, is purposefully designed to provide ministry leaders like you with a transformative experience, helping you unplug from the chaos that engulfs your life. It's time you take a well-deserved break and allow us to guide you through a profound journey of refocusing, renewing, and restoring yourself to lead in a healthy, soul-nurturing way.

This kit includes your personal retreat bag, Notebook, Valleys Over Mountains, A Guide Through the Hard Seasons book, and access to the 8 video sessions.

BONUS: You will also have two personal 1:1 zoom calls with Tom Bump, RestoringLeaders Coach who will help you set up your retreat and help you maximize your time. Then when you conclude your retreat, you'll set up your second call with Tom to help go over your "battle plan" for living restored and leading renewed.